Custom Profile Extrusion


At Holmes-Gustafson & Associates, LLC we may optimize the manufacturing process for your product by utilizing custom profile extrusions. We utilize custom engineering and design to fit the specific needs of your product, as well as in-house tooling, fabrication, and finishing.

Here is an overview of our capabilities with profile extrusions:

Material Capabilities:

Rigid PVC; Polypropylene; Flexible PVC; Butyrate; HIPS; PETG; GP Styrene; Valox; ABS; TPE; Acrylic; TPR; Polycarbonate; SAN; Noryl; Prevex; Geloy; CPVC; Rovel; Polyethylene

Size & Profile Capabilities:

Punching, Co-extrusion, Tri-extrusion, Dual-material Processing, Vacuum Sizing, Film Laminating, Color Matching, PSA Tapes, and Over-Molding, including:

Off-Line Capabilities:

CNC Routing, Drilling, Tapping, Notching, Punching, Assembly and Precision Cutting.

Contact Holmes-Gustafson & Associates at (815) 985-5116 to learn more about the advantages of using custom profile extrusions for your product.