Large Molded and Fabricated Plastic Components


A problem faced by many manufacturers is producing large molded components for lower volume applications. Larger molded plastic components have historically been accompanied by very high tooling costs especially when amortized into low volume applications.

In recent years, these two processes:

have provided manufacturers with molded plastic solutions at lower tooling costs.

Both processes are used extensively in a variety of markets ranging from transportation to food and beverage. The chief advantages of using these processes are lower cost tooling and faster lead times when compared to injection molding options; making them ultimately more viable processes for lower volume application.

Our Trusted Manufacturers

Horizon Manufacturing Group, LLC is a Wisconsin-based rotational molder that provides plastic components to a range of markets with industrial components. With in-house fabrication tooling, Horizon is able to design, fabricate and sample new tooling all under one roof. When shapes do not lend themselves to fabricated tooling, Horizon is able to source cast tooling and assist in the management of those tooling launches.

General Plastics of Milwaukee, Wisconsin specializes in thermoforming, also known as pressure forming. GP provides components in a variety of commodity and engineering grade materials to numerous OEM and Display customers. Tooling is primarily cast aluminum but will also gravitate into machined aluminum. For some industrial applications, simple fabrication (routing, bending, bonding) makes sense versus building tooling. General Plastics is able to provide those services.

Thoroughbred Plastics is an excellent choice for plastic manufacturing, with in-house tool building capabilities as well as engineering, assembly, and a full range of injection molding services, from mold construction to plastics injection services. They are capable of producing OEM components that require precision plastic parts and sub-assemblies, and can complete complicated sub-assemblies including packout and palletization to specification. Thoroughbred Plastics also offers Class A surfaces and uses state-of-the-art color matching technologies.

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